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"Art Is Never Finished, Only Abandoned." Da Vinci

At, Claude Thompson dramatizes the Opening of "CAM-Florist" in Detroit. He is cross promoting Flowers, and, "Those That Flow", together, to an Anthology of Music.

The term Anthology comes from the Greek word anthologia, meaning a "collection of Flowers". Claude is drafting a fictional story, to music abandoned at his defunct studio, "Chef Joy RD".

So, at, Claude is planning to reopen "CAM-Florist", (in real life), he's writing a story, to promote his work as Music Producer, "CLAWED", @ studio "Chef Joy RD".


"Hood-Florist", by Claude Thompson

Narrated by Claude, "When "Jeffrey Hood", takes over the family's Flower Shop in Detroit, he learns the difference between competition and cooperation. This Story is Based on Music by "Byrd 100". "Hustle & Flowers" is Under Development!!!

  1. "Jeffrey Hood", takes over the Family's Store, #313NFUPack "Neighbors".

  2. "Cameron Starks", CEO #313NFTRACK.

  3. "Claude Thompson", (antagonist), Owner at #313MeTRACK..

  4. "Chef Joy RD @ #313MEUSACK", and Jef

  5. "Uptown", Mrs. #313MEtQaak, gangster'

  6. "Midtown" #313OEURACL AI Program.

  7. "Rhonda Lowe" #313NdurabL, Charity,

  8. "Mike Smite", #313METrack, Restaurant

  9. "Larry Berry", #313MEUSACL, Church

  10. "Warren Fitz", #313NEUrabl, Energy

"Hood-Florist" follows Jeffrey Neighbors, a Detroit Florist, use Artificial Intelligence, to challenge his biggest rival, "CAM-Florist".

Jeff convinces The #313MDUpack to kick Claude, owner at #CAMflorist, off a Reality Show, after he moves to Eastpointe.

So, Claude gives them something to miss, by returning to Detroit, to open a Flower Shop, run by his "Hood-Alums", Friends. The Neighborhood / Childhood, Friends returning to Detroit to open Businesses, are his "Hood-Alums".


"Jeffrey Hood", and, Claude (@ battle for Middle of Detroit

  1. "Up From Here" : Day #1, #HandCramps, #MUD, #Detroit247.

  2. "80's Baby" : MLK Day, Trip To Kentucky, #Police.

  3. "Go Hard" : BLK History, #Detroit247.

  4. "Out Of This World" : VALENTINES Day, #Uptown

  5. "Broke" : The Fall

  6. "Hear It" : #313MeTRACK

  7. "Battle Of The Gods" : APRIL FOOLS

  8. "All In The Way" : TAX DAY

  9. "Bars Matter" :

  10. "Roller"

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