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"Art Is Never Finished, Only Abandoned." Da Vinci

Claude Thompson dramatizes the Opening of "CAM-Florist | Detroit". He's cross promoting his Flower Shop, and "Those That Flow", together, to an Anthology of Music @

The term Anthology comes from the Greek word anthologia, meaning a "collection of Flowers". Claude is producing a web series, to music he had abandoned at his defunct studio.

So, follow "Hustle & Flowers", a fictional story, by Claude, following protagonist, "Jeffery Hood". After using AI to open "MOD-Florist", Jeff has to fight his creations, to save his Family's Shop.


Claude drafts "CAM-Florist | 101" with CLAWED.

"Claude", (CEO @ "CAMFlorist.Com."), writes a fictional Story, Based On Real Life Events.

  1. Protagonist, "Jeffrey Hood", hired Claude to manage his Florist in Midtown Detroit.

  2. Claude left, to open "CAM-Florist", near his home in Eastpointe.

  3. Jeff kept Business going, using Claude Business Plan.

  4. He quit The Music Business, following a series of events known as, "Hood $#!+".

  5. "CAM-Florist" opened in Eastpointe, after losing grants for Detroit.

  6. AI Program #313Metrack, says CAMFlorist, is capable of being a Million.

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"Jeffrey Hood", uses AI, to power his Family's Detroit Flower Shop. When he's hacked, Jeff goes "Off-Grid", to challenge "MOD-Florist", with his mentor AI generated, as "CLAWED".

  1. "Up From Here" : Memorial Day Weekend, #HandCramps, #MUD, #Detroit247.

  2. "80's Baby" : MLK Day, Trip To Kentucky, #Police.

  3. "Go Hard" : BLK History, #Detroit247.

  4. "Out Of This World" : VALENTINES Day, #Uptown

  5. "Broke" : The Fall

  6. "Hear It" : #313MeTRACK

  7. "Battle Of The Gods" : APRIL FOOLS

  8. "All In The Way" : TAX DAY

  9. "Bars Matter" :

  10. "Roller"

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