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"Art Is Never Finished, Only Abandoned." Da Vinci

Claude Thompson chronicles himself opening "CAM-FLORIST | Detroit". He's cross promoting his Flower shop, and, "Those That Flow", together, to an Anthology of Music, he had once abandoned. The term Anthology comes from the Greek word anthologia, meaning a "collection of Flowers".

His Years Of "Hustling", have caught up. Now, Claude needs proof that "" is DOING Numbers. So, with 100 Days To Do Business The Right Way, on paper, in Eastpointe, in Detroit, Claude rebrands his retired rap persona, "CLAWED", to keep his Hustles, Underground, too.

So, follow Claude, as he repurposes Music, (left to rot), to promote his Producer Credits. To get his Band Of 'Hood Alums, (Friends), back together, he pitches the idea, "Chef Joy RD", turning the Studio, into a Restaurant, by producing a Hit Song, and Menu.


"Hood-Florist", is Under Development...

Claude cross promotes his Flower Shop, &, his work with "Those that Flow", under the pseudonym, CLAWED, At "Hustle & Flowers".

When journalism student, Anthony, shows interests in his Story, so Claude invites him to his shop, at "CAM-Florist | Eastpointe".

He reveals that he didn't win grants to open in #Detroit247, so, @, he remains Underground, to pay restitution. .

Claude, without PROOF that he can afford a $3,000 a month lease, for a Flower Shop Downtown. Claude, has 100 Days to do Business The Right Way.


"CLAWED', The Artist, and, "Claude" The Executive @

  1. "80's Baby" : MLK Day, Trip To Kentucky, #Police.

  2. "Go Hard" : BLK History, #Detroit247.

  3. "Out Of This World" : VALENTINES Day, #Uptown

  4. "Broke" : The Fall

  5. "Hear It" : #313MeTRACK

  6. "Battle Of The Gods" : APRIL FOOLS

  7. "All In The Way" : TAX DAY

  8. "Bars Matter" :

  9. "Roller"

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