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100 Ways We Serve @ "Hood-Florist" - #313MeTRACK

In This Episode Of "Hood-Florist", Jeffrey Hood, downloads #MeTRACK313, an AI Program by Developer, Cameron Scott. They copy "CAM-Florist" to develop "MOD-Florist", a project Claude Thompson abandoned.


Jeffrey enters the credentials for " And Store", into the #313MeTRACK Software, to design a Program to generate a potential, $4,000 daily, at 3 retail locations.

1. "Retail Flower Shop" - Flowers In A Clutch

"CAM-Florist", is located at 18806 East 9 Mile Road, in Eastpointe, MI 48021. Claude Thompson opened a retail store for, to serve Customers wanting to pick-up flowers.

Claude, (@ 50), opened in Eastpointe, after losing grants to open "CAM-Florist" in Detroit.

A News Reporter is at @ "CAM-Florist", following up on an Article, about his shop.

Claude left Jeffrey's Shop Midtown, 100 Days before. He left The AI System.

Claude has a deal, with "MUD-Company". But, his Family is not structured in Business.

So, Claude tells his Story, following a suspicious fire at "Hood-Florist", and the events from the Last 100 Days.


Cameron Scott pitched his AI Program, to Claude, first. He tried it for the 100 Day Trial. But, he leaves the software at "Hood-Florist", where he was lead florist since 2018.

Mr. Cameron (CEO @ ERON, Inc.), pops-up at "Hood-Florist in Detroit". Claude didn't abandon Jeffrey and Cameron, but they team up to turn on him.

Cameron, pitches to Jeffrey, The Deal CAM-Florist turned down. Jeff is a Byrd 100 fan. Claude reveals he's "Chef Joy RD", his producer. He is playing a video from "The Gift & The Curse".

Cameron met Claude, lecturing a THEE University Of Michigan. Cameron believes that being a Florist, saved him. He developed #MeTRACK313, an AI Program.


Our Retail Store, is 1 of 100 Reasons to like "CAM-Florist" in Detroit and Redford.

You can pick-up a Bouquet designed in a Clutch, (a Handheld floral Bouquet), containing a variety of Flowers and greenery.

You can take carry a Clutch Bouquet around, and put it in a Vase. Wedding Bouquets can be made in a Clutch design. Claude feels that if he's teaches Classes, he needs to learn how to Teach.

Starting @ $40, Out The Door.

Pictured @ $75 retail before taxes.


2. "Delivery Services" - Serving Metro-Detroit

So, Jeffery enters "DELIVERY" into the AI #313MeTRACK, and, it suggests investing in local delivery services, and, independent contractors. The goal should be 100 Deliveries, daily.


"On My Job" ... @

Jeff has a Party to finish, for later that Day. He plays "On My Job" by BYRD 100, Produced by "Helluva".

Cameron copies Claude's algorithms, left on the database, to COMPETE with Claude after he leaves, for non-payment.

Hood's Florist, in Detroit

Inspired by the movie "Lil' Shop Of Horrors", Claude generated #MOFlowerShopDowntown, managed by "The Muse", 3 Sisters.

Claude generated The Muse before he left. They're paying a subscription since 2018. Now, Jeffrey Hood, is running the show.

He can't turn The Muse against CAM, but, he tricks them into sabotaging him through games.


Claude also generated Uptown, representing himself at 39 years old, as, Owner at "CAM-Florist", at MACY's in Southfield. And BYRD 100

He takes the "Hustling" part of Being a Business Owner, into a FUN thing. He creates an "AI CAM" and "AI CLAWED".


3. "Special Events" - Celebrate Good Times

"CAM-Florist", is a Full Service Florist, with a Special Events, Department. CLAWED suggests CAM-Florist develops services through local partnerships, to offer More.

'CAM-FLORIST" is adding "Event PLANNING" to it's List of services.

  1. Centerpieces

  2. Weddings

  3. Stage Decor

  4. Homegoing Services

  5. Graduation

  6. Proms

  7. Wearables

  8. Holiday Celebrations


  10. Custom Designs

Claude works on The Special Events section on  "In The Article", Claude was a year out of High School, when he was hired as a Florist. Now, he's recruiting High School Students to be Florists.

The Red Letter

The Motivation to open in Detroit


Claude entered "The Red Letter" into building "MOD-Florist" drafted by Claude's daughter, Chelsie, when she was forced to leave the City she loves.

Chelsie, now a 27 years of age,


4. "Subscriptions"

"CAM-Florist", has a Subscription program. Customers can join the FREQ List, for Frequent Flower Buyers Benefits.

"CAM-Florist" Subscriptions set the tone. They are the main reason, our flower shop may have exotic and unique Flowers.

Our Standing Orders are the "Bread and Butter" of our "Brick-And-Mortar retail Flower Shop.

They are the ones that keep our STOCK FRESH. They are why the prices are lower for our Occasional Customers.

While Gushing Over his "FREQz", (the title given to those that buy with the MOST Frequency), .

[Hood-Florist], Claude's favorite song, by Byrd 100, Beat by Doctero, performed, is "Addicted".

Claude reaches out to the Same Team, of Hood Alums, "Addicted" to finishing what he started. When "Scratched" was murdered, Claude quit, to become a Florist, Owner.

Claude looks Up on YouTube, to see if DOCTERO is still Active. He needs to go to See Doctero, to ask him to reproduce this song, and find Byrd to re-lay the verse. He wants to add a third verse.

Claude plays "4 The Birds", and sees the Doctero is in the animation.


[SERVICE 4 @ BLOG ] "I'm 100, to all My People, Still,..." At Noon


Claude intended to post 1 Product and Service, Daily, for 100 Days, straight!! But, he is HACKED, and has to start over, from scratch.

"100" Claude tells #Detroit247 about his collection of Decompositions. After being hacked, digitally, and Floods destroying physically, Claude's guarded these last recordings.

With their Bouquets in hand, in the school bus, Claude's Customer. Ali, needed 8 dozen roses. He offers to buy them, from The Students.


[Element 1 : 5 @ #Motivation] Methods of Payment

"CAM-Florist | Eastpointe" offers flower shopping the traditional way

"CAM-Florist" accepts multiple methods of payment.



  1. Retail Store : Pick-up Flowers in a Clutch @ 18806 East 9 Mile Road, Eastpointe.

  2. Delivery

  3. Special Events : Claude is the florist for NYE.

  4. Subscriptions : FRQz ,

  5. Blog : Claude publishes as CLAWED

  6. Methods Of Payment : Claude is trying to be The Plug, #Heir313

  7. Call-to-Order : Flower Shop by Phone @ (313) 694-5900

  8. Click-to-Order : Flower Shop Online @

  9. Click And Mortar : Flower Shop, Online and In-Store, in real-time.

  10. Social Media :

  11. #FlowersAF :

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