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Hood-Florist | Ep. 1 "Up From Here"

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Flower Shop, Underground

In The "$cam-Florist", Story, Claude makes "Not Winning" grants to open in Detroit, his promotion of his #CLAWED Brand, to remain Underground, to fund the Opening, Instead.

"Up From Here", Episode starts with Claude "Not Winning" the grant, Motivating him to open #CAMflorist, in Eastpointe. At the same time, "Not Winning" motivates Claude to return to Detroit as #CLAWED, and TROLL from The Underground.


[Element 1 : 1 @ #WorksFromHome] Up From Here

Scene #1 | Claude's up way too early from a bad dream. He goes to the garage, where there are Flowers for a New Years Party. When opens mail, from The GRANT, stating that he didn't win.

Since he's Up Already, he Cleans Up The House To Music. "On My Job", by Byrd 100. With a Garage Full Of Flowers, Claude gets Busy., A Music Montage of Claude cleaning up at 4 AM Plays.

[Element 1 : 2 @ On My Job"] Displaced when Building closed, works from Home. He Cleans His House. He lets The Pets Out. He makes Breakfast, He washes Clothes. He walks around the House, taking out the garbage, looking at the Stars. He Feeds The Pets.

He cleans his Office, found some checks, The Red Letter. They just moved in, and has not unpacked thoroughly.


[Element 1 : 3 @ #Addicted]

At 5am, Claude plays the bassline to Addicted.

He gets a text from "Ms. Stogie", Hey.

He gets an unsolicited picture.

"Addicted" is Claude's favorite song by Byrd 100 and Beat by Doctero. While Cleaning, Claude establishes areas of the House, for being productive. He uses duct tape to separate walls.


[Elements 1:5 @ #RedLetter]

The Red Letter, is an artifact, framed and hanging in his home office.



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