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Hood-Florist | Ep. 1 "Up From Here"

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Claude Thompson (Owner @ CAM-Florist, Inc.), blogs at "", a fictional story, about the origin of CLAWED De Florist. Music by "Byrd 100"...

Claude takes Step #1 (Business Plan), to open a Flower Shop Uptown, in a Detroit Neighborhood, under his MySpace rap persona, "CLAWED", to avoid a non-compete clause, as a franchisee of a "CAM-Florist.", a Flower Shop Downtown. "Up From Here", (Episode #1)


[#1 - Retail Store | "CAM-Florist | Eastpointe" | #FlowerShopEast @ 9am Interview]

"CAM-FLORIST vs "Hood-Florist"

"Claude Thompson" is a franchise owner of "CAM-FLORIST" in Downtown Detroit. A Journalism class is interviewing him, after already visiting his former bosses. They were looking for "CLAWED"..

Claude tells them that CLAWED is over with, since signing with "CAM-FLORIST", to be a franchisee. But, the Students know Claude's still helping other Florists, which violates his Contract.


Claude admits to helping. "CAM-Florist" refused to employ his Hood-Alums Friends. A non-compete clause makes him question his independence.

So, he makes a resolution to open a retail flower shop, in Detroit, under his MySpace handle, (HACKED on FB) as, "CLAWED", formerly, "Chef Joy RD".

If they tell, he would be in trouble with the corporation. They were not blackmailing, just messy, and Wanted in. Claude gives them to market as an After School Project. Claude helps them write a Business Plan for a Flower Shop on 7 MILE in Detroit..


[#2 - Special Events | "CAM-Florist | EVENTS" | # 10am

"CAM-Florist", is a Full Service Florist, with a Special Events, Department.

'CAM-FLORIST" is adding "Event PLANNING" to it's List of services.

  1. Centerpieces

  2. Weddings

  3. Stage Decor

  4. Homegoing Services

  5. Graduation

  6. Wearables

  7. Holiday Celebrations

  8. Custom Designs


"On My Job" ... @

Claude, plays Byrd's Music, as he Works, to finish New Years Events. They like that "Helluva" made the beat "On My Job".

Since Claude has 100 Arrangements to make, he explains the assembly line to the Class. All 7 Students helped.


[#3 @ Subscriptions #FREQofTheWeek] ."Addicted".... 11am

"CAM-Florist" has a Subscription program. Customers can join the FREQ List, for Frequent Flower Buyers Benefits.

They set the tone, our FREQ Listers. They are the main reason, our flower shop may have exotic and unique Flowers.

Our Standing Orders are the "Bread and Butter" of our "Brick-And-Mortar retail Flower Shop.

[Hood-Florist], Claude's favorite song, by Byrd 100, Beat by Doctero, performed, is . takes the reporter back to the Shop, to get his car. The delivery guy's there for the 10 Designs.

The reporter tries to tag along, when he realized that he could get in to places, as a Delivery guy, to infiltrate.

Claude plays Addicted, explaining


[SERVICE 4 @ BLOG ] "I'm 100, to all My People, Still,..." At Noon


Claude intended to post 1 Product and Service, Daily, for 100 Days, straight!! But, he is HACKED, and has to start over, from scratch.

1-100 Products and Services Offered by "CAM-FLORIST"

  1. Retail Flower Shop.

  2. Special Events

  3. Subscriptions -

  4. Invoices

  5. Blog : Claude surveys Metro-Detroit, to reopen Stores for "CAM-Florist", for Flower Shopping The Traditional Way, in-store. #FlowerAF.

"100" Claude tells #Detroit247 about his collection of Decompositions. After being hacked, digitally, and Floods destroying physically, Claude's guarded these last recordings.

With their Bouquets in hand, in the school bus, Claude's Customer. Ali, needed 8 dozen roses. He offers to buy them, from The Students.


[Element 1 : 5 @ #Motivation] Methods of Payment

"CAM-Florist | Eastpointe" offers flower shopping the traditional way

"CAM-Florist" accepts multiple methods of payment


[Hood-Florist] Motivation Meets M

After meeting Marko, Claude's looking to become "The Plug",

kids are delivering event, so, he wants to go to church. The wife wants to bring in the New Year at home.

When Chelsie Discovers that the NY Party still owes $1000, she's not trying to go, without payment. She lists 10 Ways to get it. Claude's not involved. It got crazy.


Element 1 : 6 @ Call To Order] - Now, with a (586) Area Code phone number in Eastpointe, Claude needs to keep his (313) Me-TRACK Delivery Services, active, and, develop both (248), and, (734), Treat Your phone number, as an asset.

Green wreath



[Elements 1: 7 @ Click-To-Order @ #HeirBedsAndBusinesses]

Claude splits #CAMflorist into a Flower Shop, Uptown, Midtown, and, Downtown,

Claude uses his circle of Friends, like The Community, supporting Black Businesses.


  1. Retail Store : Claude meets Marco, son of Chef Joy RD at the Shop, working with movers

  2. Special Events : Claude is the florist for NYE.

  3. Subscriptions : Bread and Butter,

  4. Blog : Claude publishes as CLAWED

  5. Methods Of Payment : Claude is trying to be The Plug, #Heir313

  6. Call-to-Order

  7. Click-to-order

  8. Click And Mortar

  9. Social Media

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