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"Art Is Never Finished, Only Abandoned." Da Vinci

Claude Thompson chronicles himself, opening "CAM-Florist | Detroit", in his old Neighborhood. He's promoting working with Flowers, and, with "Those That Flow", to an Anthology of Music. The term Anthology comes from the Greek word anthologia, meaning a "collection of Flowers".

Claude, "The FLORIST", is "CLAWED da'Florist", THE curator of Unfinished Songs (left to rot), at his defunct studio, "Chef Joy RD". He's repurposing these "Decompositions", to be the Score to his "Hustle & Flowers", a reality show inspired by, Black Ink Crew, Bob's Burger's, and Cake Boss.

So, follows Claude, Under the pseudonym CLAWED, partner with his Band of "Hood Alum" Friends, to open Businesses, in Detroit. He's trying to INFLUENCE the opening of a "Chef Joy RD" Restaurant, by reproducing a HIT, Or, he's Discovering it's Over, "A Band Done".


Claude, (@"), challenged Chelsie, (@, to post 100 Days, and already, Claude's missed Day #1, falling asleep. So, from behind, Claude posts About "Last Night", and, The 1-100 Reasons To Like "CAM-FLORIST", In Real Life. He's inspired by a song by "Byrd 100", "Addicted", beat's by Doctero. to get his BAND Back together, in Detroit.

"$cam-Florist", a Hustle & Flowers Story, is Under Development...

Based On True Events.

Claude Thompson, in his 50th year on Earth, pitched his #HeirBnB Succession plan, to franchise "CAM-FLORIST", for the next generations.

After Claude and Family opened in Eastpointe, with a #FlowerShopEast, he campaigns to his Family, in Westland, to spin-off a #FlowerShopWEST, together.

Claude partners with, to open a #FlowerShopDowntown, in Detroit. He plans to reopen in Southfield, as a #FlowerShopUptown, in Northland City, partnering with Rob Whitaker, again. He partners with his 'Hood Alums (Friends), to manage a #FlowerShopMidtown. And, he's trying to spin-off a TASK Force, #313NETPACK. Let's Go.


Claude has flashbacks from 2018, while lecturing at THEE University of Michigan. A Student asked, "Why did You Stop Producing Music". The Answer was, "I had to work". Years Later, Claude's Back, In The Studio, (formerly "Chef Joy RD").

  1. "Up From Here" : New Year's Eve, #Rendezvous.

  2. "80's Baby" : MLK Day, Trip To Kentucky, #Police.

  3. "Go Hard" : BLK History, #Detroit247.

  4. "Out Of This World" : VALENTINES Day, #Uptown

  5. "Broke" : The Fall

  6. "Hear It" : #313MeTRACK

  7. "Battle Of The Gods" : APRIL FOOLS

  8. "All In The Way" : TAX DAY

  9. "Bars Matter" :

  10. "Roller"

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