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Hood-Florist | Ep. 1 "Up From Here"

Updated: 2 days ago

"Jeffery Hood", uses the AI Program, #313OeuRacl at "Neighbor's Flower Shop", to troll his rivals. When Neighbor's is fire bombed, "Jeff" accuses an internet troll known as "CLAWED De Florist".

"Hood-Florist" follows Claude Thompson, (Owner @, Inc.), plot his return as a Detroit Florist, after spending a 100 Day Sabbatical, clearing his Family's name.


1. "OMNI Channel" - For All The Ways To Shop For Flowers

After the taping of "Hustle & Flowers", a Detroit Florist reality show, "Neighbor's Flower Shop", (a star in the show), was fire bombed. The show's Production company returns to "CAM-Florist".

Scene 1 - Retail Flower Shop 8:00 am

Claude is at his retail store, "CAM-Florist", in Eastpointe, MI. He is preparing to move to Atlanta, in 2026.

A reporter pops up, and tells Claude about a fire, at "Neighbor's". Claude lets her in, when the camera man asked for, "Flowers", only.

As he let's them both in, the reality show's camera crew shows up. He has an alibi. They suspect one of his Students of D-PHI-U.

He introduces Khilo, son of Chef Joy RD; Lucas, son to SheRhonda, church member, Khadesia, daughter of Dj Wrecks, and, his Cousins Yvonne, and her brother, Lucas.

Flashback to 100 Days, following the "Hood-Alum reunion honoring "Chef Joy RD", it's all "Up From Here".

So, while Claude makes a "Bouquet In A Clutch", he tells them about 100 Days ago, when they relaunched "The Muses". Claude got the notification, a month after leaving, Neighbors, then it was disconnected. His Godson, Vaughn, has 100 Days until graduation.


Feb.1 - 100 Days ago... Claude says that he got notification that "The Muses" was activated. Then the signal, to him, was cut off. He knows they're in-line for a Battle.

Neighbor's-FLORIST - "Jeffrey Hood", takes over the family's florist, abandoned by Claude, January 1st. He's the nephew to the owner. Nepotism's in effect.

His Aunt and Uncle, hired their son, Joseph, a month, before. Mr. Cameron (CEO @ ERON, Inc.), pops-up at "Neighbor's". He replaces the "Stolen" laptop, with a NEW program, #313OEURACL.

Cameron, seems to, want to help "Neighbor's". Claude had abandoned "ERON, Inc.", too. So, Cameron, teams up with Jeff, to start over. They copy Claude's BLOG, "100 Days Of Hustle And Flowers", he created with "The Muses", the first AI Program, before #313OeUraCL.

The Florist's IT Guy, "Woody Thornton", found the laptop, and, hands it to the developer, "Cameron Scott". "Joseph" was annoyed, having hid the lap top, being inappropriate. "Jeffrey" was skeptic of his Cousin. Claude left December 31, 2023, with everything intact. They owe Claude.



Pick-up Flowers In A CLUTCH

At "CAM-Florist", you can pick-up a Bouquet designed in a Clutch, (a Handheld floral Bouquet), containing a variety of Flowers and greenery. Vase sold separately.

You can take carry a Clutch Bouquet around, or, have us d put it in a Vase. Wedding Bouquets can be made in a Clutch design.

Starting @ $40, Out The Door.


2. Products and Services - Curators & Pop Testing

Scene #2, Claude continues the interview by plugging CLAWED X, "Custom Floral Designs by Claude", EXCLUSIVELY sold, at "CAM-FLORIST". The reporter asks Claude about, Artificial Intelligence. This brings Claude to his 2nd point, that technology is our Friend. He uses AI...


I'm "On My Job", Claude sings out the hook to Byrd 100's Song.

Claude was as Lead Florist @ "Neighbors" for 4 years. He raised the $100,000, for renovations, but, they kept the Money.

Claude developed "The Muses", using AI Software #313OeuRAcL To start a fake online beef with himself, for marketing, and it worked. was hacked. Claude suspects Jeff and The Muses.

At Neighbors, Eron, the developer, traced the laptop to the building. Jeff, (), hid the laptop, to keep a secret. Buddy pops up with the lap top. Eron needs the memory, on new equipment. Jeff doesn't want the OLD "Muses" erased, either,

The Muse and The Red Letter

Jeff turned The Muses against CAM, by showing them the "The Red Letter", to trick them into sabotaging him through games.

Mr. Cameron, reveals that Claude criticized their Upgrade, after the characters grew an extra arm and fingers.

Chelsie, now a 27 years of age. This makes "The Muse" angry. The Upgrade makes them more emotional.

** Shop Floral Designs, "CLAWED by Claude", are exclusive @ CAM-Florist. Click to Order.

"The Muses" dropped a mixtape called "Fuuk a $cam-Florist". Claude had to move out of Detroit in order to bounce back.

"The Muses" and Jeff were was relentless, programmed it to be his nemesis. So, Claude returns with

CLAWED had computer OCD, in Love with The Muses, but hates CAM-Florist.


advertisement | Shop "Custom Floral Designs CLAWED by Claude.....


3. "Special Events" - Celebrate Good Times

"CAM-Florist", is a Full Service Florist, with a Special Events, Department.

@ CAM - The Interview

Claude works on centerpieces for a Special Event, later that evening. Claude invites Scott to the venue.

Scott, trying not to mention "Neighbors", asks Claude, what are the Top 10 requests for "CAM-Florist" and Special Events. Claude's motivation is to grow to be The Florist Plug.

  1. Centerpieces

  2. Weddings

  3. Stage Decor

  4. Homegoing Services

  5. Graduation

  6. Proms

  7. Wearables

  8. Holiday Celebrations


  10. Custom Designs

The Motivation to return in Detroit

Claude downloads #313MeTrack's 100 Day Trial, #313OeRaCL's competition. He's Motivated by hiring his Hood Alums, Friends from the old Neighborhood.

Claude says 100 Days ago, the beacon turned on, then, it died. CLAWED was his Battle Rapper Name. He takes on that persona, knowing he has to challenge his own creations, eventually.

Reporter asks, Jeff, and Claude, has never been friends. He knows the other Cousins. Jeff is a good guy, but has morality flaws.

The Story flashes back to 100 Days ago, when he's training Jeffrey Hood, to take over. Jeff meets with stripper, May, occasionally. He is unhappily married with children.


4. "Customer Loyalty"

"CAM-Florist", has a Subscription program. Customers can join the FREQ List, for Frequent Flower Buyers Benefits.

"CAM-Florist" Subscriptions set the tone. They are the main reason, our flower shop may have exotic and unique Flowers.

Our Standing Orders are the "Bread and Butter" of our "Brick-And-Mortar retail Flower Shop.

They are the ones that keep our STOCK FRESH. They are why the prices are lower for our Occasional Customers.

While Gushing Over his "FREQz", (the title given to those that buy with the MOST Frequency), .

[Hood-Florist], Scene #4


5. Delivery

"CAM-Florist", delivery

Claude intended to post 1 Product and Service, Daily, for 100 Days, straight!! But, he is HACKED, and has to start over, from scratch.

"100" Claude tells #Detroit247 about his collection of Decompositions.  After being hacked, digitally, and Floods destroying physically, Claude's guarded these last recordings.



  1. OMNI Channel : "Up From Here", Pick Flowers in a Clutch,

  2. Products : "On My Job", CAM-Florist uses AI as Curator, @

  3. Special Events : "Motivation", Claude is the florist for NYE.

  4. Customer Loyalty : "Addicted", FRQz ,

  5. Delivery : "All I See Is Green",

  6. Quality Control : "I'm 100" 100% Guarantee :

  7. Talent : "

  8. STREAMX : "

  9. Reasonable Prices : "

  10. Community : "

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